We are proud to be setting up Europe’s first manufacturing plant dedicated solely to producing canola plant protein, a healthy and environmentally-friendly product that can make a real difference in the world. 

We fully expect to hold all the relevant safety, environmental, and food grade certifications that you would expect from a modern, world-class manufacturing facility.


Safety is the number one priority at our plant and measures are in place to ensure the safeguarding of both our employees and the surrounding community. We have all valid safety permits – complemented by a strong program of safety awareness and continuous improvement within the facility. Canola seeds will be crushed on site with no solvents used in the process - reducing air pollution and carbon footprint, and delivering a high-quality product


Sustainability is a core value of Olatein and we will strive to produce a product that is healthy for both people and planet – including our immediate community. The Olatein plant is designed to be Greenhouse Gas (GHG) neutral – as we produce biogas, recycle water and purchase green electricity. All the processes in the facility are conducted using water, at low temperatures, and at low risk. This is not only safer, but also more energy efficient – reducing our carbon footprint. 


We are dedicated to a circular manufacturing approach where nothing is wasted. Our starting material is crushed canola ‘cake’, an agricultural by-product from the production of canola oil. The crushed cake is processed via a solvent-free (water-based) process to unlock the protein within and produce CanolaPRO®. The residual meal will be used as animal feed; while the waterborne organic material  used in the extraction process will be converted into biogas, as a source of renewable energy.

In short, CanolaPRO® production does not require any more arable land and fully valorizes the canola seed.


CanolaPRO® is exclusively sold and distributed by DSM. To learn more click on the link button below.